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After 30 years, the Renowned String Quartet loses its founder and finds itself on the brink of a breakup. Its manager comes up with a plan to keep them together…but his impulsive solution may break them up for good.


On May 9 & 10, five actors with Broadway, national tour, and regional experience – and one famous Narrator – came together to present three special readings of FOUR. To read the script and/or receive performance details, please contact us at


New York City - May 2024

On May 9 & 10, 2024, “FOUR” presented three Equity industry readings, featuring a stellar cast, at New York City’s famed Open Jar Studios.


All roles are Non-Union, Festival, Paid.

ROGER (58-65). Violin. Caucasian. Jewish. The 2nd violinist and founder of Renowned Quartet. ROGER grieves loss on several levels; this role is nuanced and requires sensitivity and bravery.

AYODELE (39-45). Cello. Black or African American. Cellist. Handsome. Quietly charismatic, trustworthy, beloved. The beating heart of the group.

VIOLET (32-37). Viola. Caucasian. The violist. Once was lost, is becoming found. Nevertheless, VIOLET sees a future filled with uncertainty.

KIKI (20-23). Violin. Urbane. The first violinist. Young, brash, inquisitive, the newcomer and the witness.

HASSIM (34-38). Cello. South Asian or Middle Eastern. Muslim. The quartet’s business manager. Scrappy and motivated to win, yet untethered and profoundly insecure.

All roles are Non-Union, Festival, Paid.

Years Experience
Team Member
Single Album


Before submitting your application, please be sure that you have the following available for upload:

Jazzy Night

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Java Night

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The Quartet

2 cups raspberry sorbet
2 oz. Portland Syrups Rose Cordial
1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
2 cups ice
24 oz. club soda
16 raspberries – 4 per toothpick for garnish

Divide raspberry sorbet into 4 tall glasses. Into a cocktail shaker, add Portland Syrups Rose Cordial, vanilla, and ice. Shake. Pour into glasses. Top with club soda. Garnish with raspberry toothpick.

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The Broadwater Second Stage
6320 Santa Monica Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90038
The Broadwater Second Stage is a cozy 75-seat theatre located in the heart of Hollywood.

The Broadwater does not possess a parking lot. Parking in this neighborhood poses a considerable challenge, so please plan to arrive 25 minutes early if you will be driving in.
Paid Parking: A nearby lot occasionally offers $5 for theatre parking, but this information is subject to change.
Street Parking: Street parking can be found, at times, on Lillian Way, which is the street directly west of the Broadwater. Please read street signs very carefully to avoid being towed from “Permit Only” areas.

Public Transportation – Nearby Stops:
– The “4” and “210” buses stop at Santa Monica/Vine, 0.2 miles east of the Broadwater.
– The Metro’s Red Line stops at Hollywood/Vine, 0.9 miles north of The Broadwater.
Additional information can be found at or

Bathrooms at The Broadwater:
Bathrooms are located around the corner at the Lillian Way Main Stage entrance. Please allow five minutes to get to and from the bathrooms.

Gilded Balloon Teviot – Wine Bar
Teviot House, 13 Bristo Square, EH8 9AJ, Edinburgh, Scotland
“FOUR” will play at the Gilded Balloon’s Wine Bar, located in Teviot House, on the campus of the University of Edinburgh. Gilded Balloon is, in the words of the Edinburgh Fringe:
“An exciting, vibrant, neo-gothic mini-castle housing nine performance spaces and six bars. A must for all Fringe-goers. A massive mini-Fringe under one roof, this iconic venue has spawned the best of the best on the Fringe!”

The Wine Bar is located on the ground floor of the Gilded Balloon and seats 150 patrons (120 on the ground floor, 30 in the balcony).
Due to the large crowds, walking is recommended. Wheelchair access is available via lift.


FOUR is a heartfelt, original story that celebrates loyalty, harmony, and the emotional peaks and valleys that form when four musicians create their found family. Having gone through the industry reading process, FOUR seeks a home where it can grow for weeks and months, breathing in the company of welcoming creatives. We want you to know FOUR.

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